Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Follow in love

The felling of follow in love is so amazing that I never can imaging before. Just few weeks before, I was blame myself about if it's a wrong decision to be like what I am at the moment, then I went to a birthday party of a new friend of my friend, secretly, the love comes to us, and it makes me like I was taken the drug. Thank you, to come to me.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

"half sugar in my coffee please"

That was this morning, I woke up with a big smile on my face. Later on with certain reason, I kept that face until I order my breakfast in McDonald at the metro station that I visit every morning when I go to work. Don't know why, I gave the person who service me a bigger smile, then order my combo, in end, I said "un crème, un lait et moitié sucre pour mon café, s.t.p.", then I got all my stuff. After I site down in the bus and tasted my coffee, I realized that my coffee was too sweet... Finally, I understand that McDo kit got my message wrong and gave me a half cup of sugar in my cup! How nice is it?

What I want to say is that if I have the same difficulty to understand certain actions or phrases, I'd bette to ask the person to explain it, maybe again and again, until we both understand what you need and if I can give you the right one (or I can't meet your needs at all). See, this is what we called the communication, and it's very important for me. I think it could be a good idea to keep this in my life and between my friends, family and kits. Wow, maybe I was just think too much in the last few second. Ciao!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

A night with cold rain

It supposed to be a night with a perfect round moon in the sky tonight, with families, but here from my couch, I can see only the drizzle outside in this glittering city, feel the cold from the rest of my apartment. Now, I start to think maybe at this moment I may better seriously start to consider where am I should go in the rest my life time. The answer is "a stable home" with enough of trust, communication and support. Wouldn't it be a brilliant choice!?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Vendredi soir, en pleurant

Ce n'est pas un vendredi noir, mais ma journée n'été pas bien passé, le travail n'avance pas vraiment non plus, et je n'ai pas eu un bon humeur à avant mon bureau. Je ne veut pas me fait concentrer encore dans l'émotion de la journée, mais une sentiment de mon choix d'aller dans un aventure de ma vie.

Depuis que j'ai commencé de s'éloigner mess parents pour l'école, je prends la connaissance de ma liberté et le responsabilité de mes choix. Plusieurs année après de là, un travail me donne la chance de pouvoir approcher mon rêve. Il y a des nouvelles qui me font sauter, rire, triste et pleurer, je les apprécie  et en même temps, je dois m'adresser à ceux qui prendre leur temps de passer avec moi pour m'enseigner, m'écouter, me partager, me faire confiance etc.

J'été triste pour un moment, mais grâce à la grande d'amour,  je retienne mon souri sur mon visage dans mon coeur.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

let it go

That was crazy last night, and I was not like what I am usually behaves, it was so thankful what the feeling the meeting brings to me.

Thursday night, on a web site that I often visit, I saw a week-end activity which is pretty near where I live, so I decide to go and meet some new people in this city or from anywhere in this world. It was funny that I was thinking the meeting in the bar Le LAB would be very relaxing and quiet, and I wasn't expect this could be so fun that I met lots of people, event they were not from our group! 

There's some times in a year, I could be pretty talkative, active and positive. I think that was the moment last night, and it makes me feel so free to go, don't have any shy, always want to talk with everyone, listen to each of them to told me the news or stories from their experiences, culture, food, jobs anything! It was so great. 

I don't think that I'm a quite social animal, but 90% of my friend or colleagues feels that I am, or at least that I can be very sociable. Ok, if the moment it comes, I will just do the same as last night, to be free and let it go.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

party entre nous, les filles

J'ai enfin avoir des nouvelles demoiselles, elles sont chacune 300 km loin de chez moi, vers la fin de nos études, on vie toujours avec ce distance là. Maintenant, le party qui s'en viens, par contre, est-ce qu'on peut vraiment ré-réunir pour parler, s'écouter et profiter le fun!? Bien hâte pour les revoir, mais avec un tout petit peu d'inquiète en même temps.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Where am I

Am i work too much, or too stressful today? I've worked about 9 hours today, and I still need to finish 1.5 hour at home... I feel so fancy now, that my body is like flying in the air, or my mind. Can't make sure if I'm home or in somewhere unknown. I could be in my bed or in the office chairs from my office. Blood is only enough for my half body. Cold hand, weakness coming. Don't like this feeling. What's happened to me?

Monday, 26 March 2012

Miel me fait du bien!

Depuis la dernière retour de voyage, j'ai commencé à prendre une tasse de l'eau avec le miel de cassia blanche. Au début, je ne sens riens de spécial, mais, ça fait près que une semaine, je me sens toujours en bon humeur, active et positive! C'est trop cool!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

recette en partagé?

Ce soir, j'avais fait une soupe de bœuf avec le pomme de terre, c'été vraiment bon! Justement, ça fait plusieurs de fois que j'ai pensé à ouvrir une place pour partager mon propre recette, pourquoi pas!? Alors? La prochaine fois quand je prévoie que je vais préparer de quoi de bon, je devrais prendre les photos ou au mois souviens comment j'arrive à réussi de ce goût là! Pense y, peut être je peut aussi ouvrir une page d'ici pour le faire~

Bon matin

Après le voyage de deux semaines et demi, le décalage d'horaire se suive toujours. Se lever à deux heure du matin hier, et quatre heure aujourd'hui... Il me donne la chance à observer ma ville durant la nuit, à écouter, à penser (mais pas de sens). Il me donne la mauvaise humeur. Que fais je aujourd'hui!?

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Don't take it as it looks like

To be too serious or sensitive is not a funny thing, actually its hurt...

While I was travelling for my job, I meet my people who comes from the same country, speak in the same language, but some behaviours let me feel so disappointed and scared. I disappoint about the super materialistic and the individualism, I scared about the imbalance and the lost. How can I stop tearing to feel this.

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Once you start to think, you already loos it. That's what we call it instantly feeling...

I was reading a book in chinese called "shi jie guan"it's really a lovely peace to read. It talked about how's people with different generations, roles and sexes see the chinese society. It touched art, education, economy, culture, science, technology,  almost everything but politic. What makes me feel impressive is that these peoples who was interviewed are pretty different, however their opinions and points of view shows only one point which is: the world where we live is this, we can do our best to achieve our gaols with an open heart, and if we cannot change this world, then we can try to tack care of ourselves in order to discover how brilliant we are and yes we do can change something peace by peace!

The editor called these persons are "sensible" and I deeply agree.

world in my eyes

Happiness with sadness, this world should be balance, but unfortunately it is not always what we wish to see.

Few years before, I moved to Québec, then I start to love this place, event there's sometimes frustrations. Once, in a small town where I lived for four years in the East Central of Quebec, I had my experience to learn how to balancing my mind. Slowly I understand that what I'm searching for is to be happy for what I'm doing and do not have any regret for what I have done. After discover this from my "mind" I have so many graceful memories that bring me often a smile on my face when they reminds me the happy moment where I was been with my friends, family, strangers or, simply myself in the nature. This's a reason why that I would like to re-start a blog, in English or French only, to share my thoughts which do some times not quite make sense.

Thank you, my friends who's always be there for the happiness, sadness and event craziness.