Monday, 2 June 2014

Learn to ake time

I believe that many of people appreciate the happiness and the graceful moments, but how many of us appreciate when the sad or uncomfortable thing happens, not much. About twenty years, I've been trying to be a good person, positive, happy and when the moment is down
I can use my energy positive to encourage the others without thinking that this kind of energy need time to be refilled. 

So I complains the things that I feels not quite beautiful or event right (based on my own opinion). That makes usually the other feel not only uncomfortable but also depressed or event angry to me. I may preview that a person unknown can be shacked, but never on my friends, especially my close friend. 

Unfortunately, it happened not long ago, I feel the pain from my deep thought, and sorry for the person who should never heard those phrases.

Then I realized that not everything i can share with anyone, event they are my best friends, we all have to respect our credit opinion on certain subject. And this is one of course I learned grime that moment. 

Now, I appreciate it for teaching me all this and let me be a little hit more wiser than younger me.