Sunday, 26 February 2012


Once you start to think, you already loos it. That's what we call it instantly feeling...

I was reading a book in chinese called "shi jie guan"it's really a lovely peace to read. It talked about how's people with different generations, roles and sexes see the chinese society. It touched art, education, economy, culture, science, technology,  almost everything but politic. What makes me feel impressive is that these peoples who was interviewed are pretty different, however their opinions and points of view shows only one point which is: the world where we live is this, we can do our best to achieve our gaols with an open heart, and if we cannot change this world, then we can try to tack care of ourselves in order to discover how brilliant we are and yes we do can change something peace by peace!

The editor called these persons are "sensible" and I deeply agree.

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