Saturday, 31 March 2012

let it go

That was crazy last night, and I was not like what I am usually behaves, it was so thankful what the feeling the meeting brings to me.

Thursday night, on a web site that I often visit, I saw a week-end activity which is pretty near where I live, so I decide to go and meet some new people in this city or from anywhere in this world. It was funny that I was thinking the meeting in the bar Le LAB would be very relaxing and quiet, and I wasn't expect this could be so fun that I met lots of people, event they were not from our group! 

There's some times in a year, I could be pretty talkative, active and positive. I think that was the moment last night, and it makes me feel so free to go, don't have any shy, always want to talk with everyone, listen to each of them to told me the news or stories from their experiences, culture, food, jobs anything! It was so great. 

I don't think that I'm a quite social animal, but 90% of my friend or colleagues feels that I am, or at least that I can be very sociable. Ok, if the moment it comes, I will just do the same as last night, to be free and let it go.

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